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Off Road/4WD Kit. Code: 5733/7027

Our best seller; the Off Road/4WD Kit is ideal for travellers and those in remote locations. The comprehensive first aid contents will ensure you have the right products at hand to treat everything from minor scrapes through to major trauma and heavy bleeding. Available in both soft and hard cases.
Small Leisure Kit. Code: 7651

This practical, convenient first aid kit is highly visible making it the ideal addition to any home. Featuring a comprehensive assortment of first aid supplies, this kit is suitable for treating a range of minor injuries. Soft, durable and water resistant; it can be easily stored and is perfect for the kitchen cupboard, garden shed, car or garage.
Medium Leisure Kit. Code: 7652

This all-purpose Kit will enable you to treat a range of injuries in any location. Loaded with quality first aid supplies, this Kit features fold-out pouches to keep contents organised and providing easy access in an emergency.
Large Leisure Kit. Code: 7653

One of our most popular options, this extensive kit with fold-out pockets is filled with quality first aid supplies, ensuring you are prepared for every situation. From minor cuts, sprains and bites through to more serious injuries involving major trauma and heavy bleeding, the Large Leisure Kit it is your answer. Suitable for all purposes, it is perfect for the home, family activities, sporting clubs and off-road adventures.

Medium Risk Workplace. Code: 1225

This well-stocked kit will accommodate the first aid needs of most medium sized offices of 25 to 100 people. It is available in a wall-mountable metal cabinet or a portable heavy-duty plastic box. St John also offer a Restocking Service to businesses, making it easy to maintain and keep your Kit up-to-date.