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Your membership supports our local ambulance service

One in five West Australian ambulance users requires transport outside the metropolitan area every year.

Should you need ambulance transport, even a short ride could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, the cost of ambulance services is not covered by Medicare, Healthcare card, Pharmaceutical or Pensioner Benefit Card holders.

St John Ambulance WA Country Ambulance Cover is an easy and cost effective way to insure you and your family against the possibility of an expensive ambulance trip.

Your membership goes a long way towards providing these vital ambulance services in Donnybrook and the South West.

The benefits of comprehensive Country Ambulance Cover

The cost of an ambulance trip is covered for as many emergency or necessary non-emergency transports you or your family members require.

Country Ambulance Cover will protect you for St John Ambulance transport, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Western Australia. Your cover will also extend to road ambulance services in other states and territories.

This cover does not include the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who do not charge for emergency air transport.

Supporting local first aid services

By taking out St John Ambulance WA Country Ambulance Cover, you aiso assist the delivery of first aid services in Donnybrook and the South West including:

  • Regular community first aid courses
  • Ready access to first aid kits and supplies
  • First aid posts at shows, concerts, sports and other events

Country Ambulance Cover is a small price to pay for the invaluable community services you will be supporting.

One in five West Australian Ambulance users requires transport in regional areas each year.