St John Ambulance believes every child in Western Australia should have access to vital first aid knowledge.

First Aid Focus is a FREE school program that provides first aid training to school students of all ages. In 2015 the program reached more than 100,000 Western Australian school students. This community youth initiative teaches school students of all ages basic first aid skills.

First Aid Focus was developed as part of the St John Ambulance’s mission to ensure at least one person is trained in First Aid in every household in Western Australia. Experienced St John Ambulance first aid trainers are currently visiting kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools throughout the state, teaching tailored first aid courses to students.

The program is open to all schools and St John Ambulance professional first aid trainers visit at a time and date that suits the teacher, making it convenient and flexible. Enrol your school online now or please contact us here in Donnybrook or our First Aid Focus course coordinator in Belmont on:

  • Tel: 08 9334 1259
  • Fax: 08 9334 1224

We look forward to visiting your school soon.